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Arcesta dë scanselassion[modifiché la sorgiss]

A më smija nen motivà, la midema vos a l'é ant la wiki anglèisa: en:François Asselineau. --Dragonòt (ciaciarade) 15:33, 30 Stè 2014 (UTC)

More specific information below. As for the English Wikipedia, the lack of knowledge of the French language of most editors has translated into a biased article, as explained below. Most French sources insist that François Asselineau is a conspirationist and a "totally unknown person" notable in practice only for having "no French Wikipedia page" and for his harassment of the media to get more coverage. During the last AfD on the English WP, it was deemed to be enough to be notable as per en:WP:GNG. The French notability guideline is a bit more demanding so that the notability of François Asselineau is discussed again (see below).
Up to you now to decide whether or not the subject complies with your own guideline. Regards. --Azurfrog (ciaciarade) 08:32, 4 Otó 2014 (UTC)

Cross wiki spamming[modifiché la sorgiss]


I apologize to have to write in English here.

The corresponding French article is currently being discussed for deletion, after having been deleted by a very strong majority two years ago.

The key points of this discussion are :

  • there exist now some secondary sources, and some of them focus on him, such as the article in Marianne (typically), and now On n'est pas couché on France 2 (10 days ago), with these comments;
  • however, independant sources of good standing are still rare. So, because François Asselineau has a cyber activist team (about 100 people, headed by Marvin Leroy), spamming and non neutral additions keep coming in large numbers, and even on the French Wikipédia, we fear not to be able to contain it to maintain a balanced article.
    The cross wiki spamming - with over 90 stubs created by François Asselineau's Internet activists (a lot of which have now been deleted) - is proof of this Internet activism; hence the fear that neutral, balanced articles will be extremely difficult to maintain; even the English article is strongly biased, with favorable facts blown out of all proportion, and negative points "forgotten".

So, the current discussion on the French "deletion page" (AfD) centers on this : are the existing sources strong enough to resist spamming and non neutral additions?

For the time being, a majority believe the notability of François Asselineau is not enough to take the risk.

Best regards. --Azurfrog (ciaciarade) 08:29, 4 Otó 2014 (UTC)

Cross wiki spamming[modifiché la sorgiss]

For information - Regards --Lomita (ciaciarade) 19:37, 14 Otó 2014 (UTC)

Please stop trolling and spamming. --Dragonòt (ciaciarade) 07:14, 15 Otó 2014 (UTC)
Dragonòt, sono d'accordo. Nelle piccole wp dove non esistono altri fonti, è in nostro dovere di guardar informazioni fattuali. Vedere l'articolo in occitano con i resultati elettorali dell'Asselineau... Saluti cordiali, --Jfblanc (ciaciarade) 11:55, 15 Otó 2014 (UTC)

Please do not delete[modifiché la sorgiss]

Please do not delete, till the page exists in the wiki-EN. --Dragonòt (ciaciarade) 17:50, 22 nov 2014 (UTC)

Basta!!![modifiché la sorgiss]

Please stop trolling! --Dragonòt (ciaciarade) 08:10, 14 Luj 2015 (UTC)