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Hello, Hola, Halo, Saluton, שלום, مرحبا[modìfica | modifiché la sorgiss]

Welcome to my user page.

My name is Eldad, I'm translator and editor. I mainly contribute to the Hebrew Wikipedia and occasionally add Interwiki entries, grammatical corrections, transliteration modifications etc to other Wikipedias.

If you wish to write to me, you can leave me a message on my Hebrew Wikipedia talk page (here), or send me email from the current page.

Main occupations[modìfica | modifiché la sorgiss]

I'm mainly engaged in translation and editing of various materials in various languages. I've translated books and articles (in English and in Hebrew) on various topics, translated and edited computer manuals, bulletins in Esperanto, articles in Arabic, in French, German, and several other languages.

Language skills[modìfica | modifiché la sorgiss]

My mother tongue is Hebrew. I have an advanced knowledge of English and Esperanto. I also read (and partly write) Arabic, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Yiddish, Russian, Polish and some other languages.